Sergio Heng
Fri 03 February 2017 Fri 03 February 2017

The recent release of AppleTV offers a lot of streaming apps and Netflix. Unfortunately, its use is limited to the territory of United States.

So, if you’re based outside the US, you will not have access to Netflix and its benefits.

How do I stream blocked content on AppleTV?
One of the possible solutions is to install a VPN (virtual private network) on your router. VPN service providers offer you a set of random IPs, which means that you can easily select an American IP address and, thus, unblock traffic that has been geographically blocked. So, you may physically be anywhere in the world, yet ensure Netflix that you are in the US, having its virtual IP address.

How can I install VPN on my AppleTV?
You won’t be able to install VPN directly on your AppleTV (even if you jail break it), so the only possible way is to install VPN on your router. filehippo ultrasurf

Which routers can you recommend to install a VPN?
We would advice you to consider the following routers, since they have proven really stable for the majority of VPN providers:
D-Link DIR-320 A1/A2/D-Link DIR-600 B1/B2
Asus RT-N16 /Linksys WRT54GL/ Linksys E2000
All of these routers are very efficient for VPN configuration, and many providers (including HideMyAss) highly recommend them.

How to install Hide My Ass on ASUS RT-N16?
Make sure you have the following at your disposal:

  • ASUS RT-N16 router
  • 1 HideMyAss account
  • HideMyAss login and password
  • PPTP server IP address of Hide My Ass
  • The DD-WRT firmare (download here)

If you would like to install VPN on a different router, check out our database of firmware (view the DD-WRT Database)

How to install DD-WRT firmware on your router – step-by-step guide

      • Connect your router and a computer with an Ethernet cable
      • Make sure your have Internet Explorer installed (other browsers are incompatible with this configuration)
      • Open your Internet Explorer
      • Connect to your router ( go to this IP address in your URL bar)
      • Flash your old firmware with the new one (you just downloaded it)
      • Wait till the router reboots, and shows new DD-WRT
      • Enter router interface
      • Clear NVRAM (go to Administration-Factory Defaults/Validate)

VPN configuration on your router

      • Put this IP address in your URL bar
      • Go to Setup (basic setup) and put these parameters
      • Connection Type: PPTP
        Use DHCP: Yes
        Gateway (PPTP Server): (Your IP address with HMA VPN Server)
        User Name: (The username of Hide my ass PPTP server)
        Password: (The password of hide my ass PPTP server)
        Connection Strategy: Keep Alive
        PPTP Encryption: Enable
        Additional PPTP Options: mppe required, stateless
        STP: DisabledNow you will be able to connect to the Internet from your router

Router configuration on an AppleTV

        • In your AppleTV, go to Settings / General / Network / Configure TCP/IP
        • Input your router IP address in the “Router address”
        • This is it, and you can enjoy protected Hide My Ass network on your AppleTV! No more geographical blocks and limitations!