Sergio Heng
Fri 06 January 2017 Fri 06 January 2017

There is a belief among aspiring writers that his or her writings will always mirror the prevalent atmosphere in which he or she rules a piece of pen and paper to write down every word being whispered to the ear and every detail being carefully registered by the two curious eyes. influencer marketing agency For a social scientist, this belief holds no room for any trace of contention as one’s surroundings will always determine what you offer your readers even though you lack the necessary amount of ink to intoxicate your blood.

True enough, the ways we write are profoundly influenced by our social location. This idea is largely true of The Social Pitch which not only is developed from my personal and social location, but takes that particular setting as the main subject matter.

But today, as I write this piece, I find myself in a context that demands our senses to see more of the ugly truths that are embedded in every social practice we come to neglect on a daily basis. The practices I see and the realities I try not to deny only find countless ways to fuel my growing frustration towards a system which I used to believe was close to a sound conformity.

The Social Pitch is now moving to a phase in which its heart, or what’s left of it, will become less sympathetic towards the idealistic rays of social life. I have come to realize that there is, after all, an exciting sense of liberation when I get to see society from the more unconventional manners of moving forward with our struggle against one another, rather than our solidarity towards each other.

The context which I am part of mainly dictates this decision to follow this particular trajectory. This month has been particularly decisive. Filipinos became part of the 2013 midyear national elections – a political event which was obviously marred with moral dilemmas, political mediocrity, and a poor sense of democracy.

Ours is a political culture that perverts the saying “Vote wisely” when in fact we are left with no wise choices in the first place. In the rare moments when reality slaps us squarely during the elections, we could probably consider the idea that apathy doesn’t have to be a disease of democracy after all.

Since its inception in December 2011, The Social Pitch (Semi-Sociological Spectator back then) desperately tried to take a more or less neutral, or even benevolent, stand on certain issues that were noticeably unreserved. Now, the role I assume as an observer can only do so little for me to see social phenomena from the most bottom spaces of our grievances and hopelessness as individuals.

With this, I am giving myself two things: First, a short break to make sense out of the overwhelming social clutter and another shot at life that will allow me to feed the online word with less optimistic bullshit.

The compromise between conflict and consensus is absurd. Until the next editorial, let this piece symbolize my growing belief that in a localized world that is driven by conflicting relationships and systems, the act of moving against the idealistic tides of social life is not a matter of free choice. It is an inexcusable obligation.